Craig Anderson

Guitar Instructor, MacPhail Center for Music

Lessons at MacPhail

Individual Guitar Lessons

Music is fascinating and playing the guitar, although challenging, is a blast!  Come to your lesson with a light heart and let's create some fun along with the learning.

50% of the students in my studio are beginners,  the other 50% range from intermediate to advanced to pre-professionals  – all are welcome.

I love to teach 13 yr olds to early teens, high-school aged students, young adults, and older adults – all are welcome.

I teach electric guitar and acoustic guitar.

I teach rock, pop, blues, and jazz music. 

I have a deep curriculum based on the six books I have written plus chord and scale booklets, ear training materials, guitar solo transcriptions, and more.  I have a passion for making music theory understandable and useful.  So in addition to the usual guitar lesson stuff like chords, songs, and TAB, I bring a unique flexibility to come to the student's interests along with a well-laid plan for building theory-based musicianship skills on the guitar.

I also have a library of approximately 1, 300 song transcriptions, most done at student request.  I want you to play the music you like!  The lessons are organized, focused, and friendly.  I'm in support of the student, I'm interested in working FOR you and WITH you.